About Sugarledge

Sugarledge Stone Quarry was founded in 1983 by Rick and Sharyn Lafontaine. It is currently owned and operated by Jonathan and Carrie Cranston. The land parcel has been in Carrie's family for five generations.

Although Sugarledge has only been in business for 39 years, Carrie's family sold stone from the property as early as the 1930's. It is a small family business, employing 9 people and operating seasonally, April through November.

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Distributors of Goshen Stone (natural stone, mica schist from the Goshen formation) for use as landscaping stone, wall stone, flag stone, patio stone, stone steps, stone landings, stone veneer, dimensional stone, stone pavers, feature stone, snapped stones, chimney stone, foundation stone, and crushed product.