Snapped Stone

We have the ability to snap edges on our stone using a hydraulic splitter. This creates 4 additional products to our line. Please note, all snapped or broken surfaces are grey.

Veneer is a dimensional stone usually snapped at 6" width and may require a bed depth of 6-8". Lengths are random and ends require trimming. It is priced per ton. This product is used similar to brick for chimneys, facades and pillars. 

Corners are a labor saver for masons. They vary in size and thickness and have a 90 degree snapped corner. They are also priced per ton. 

Veneer corners are veneer with one end snapped to a 90 degree angle, essential for pillars and exposed chimney corners. Priced per ton. 

Cap with snapped edges are available with sufficient notice. Pieces are priced per sq. ft. and number of sides snapped. Customers may choose to have 1, 2, 3 or all 4 sides snapped, dependent upon their application. Please note, all cap over 4" thick will incur a 30% surcharge. As cap is a custom product. Please ensure the accuracy of your ordering measurements.

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Distributors of Goshen Stone (natural stone, mica schist from the Goshen formation) for use as landscaping stone, wall stone, flag stone, patio stone, stone steps, stone landings, stone veneer, dimensional stone, stone pavers, feature stone, snapped stones, chimney stone, foundation stone, and crushed product.